Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shit's Blowing Up

But I will stay the course. My birthday is Sunday, so if this madness continues a few more days we will see a firestorm of ejaculate and unbridled optimism spring forth from this space at speed. Until then, I'm enjoying the ride. The Jays keep winning; sometimes ugly (game 1 yesterday) and sometimes going away (game 2). The winning streak has come against only teams with winning records, a feat that should not go unnoticed. All of this with the team's "best" two relievers struggling and no real production from the middle of the diamond (SS, 2B, C minus Gregggg's heroics). It's a good time to be a blogging nerd.

Scott Rolen's demise has been greatly overstated

There isn't enough truth to this statement to keep doubt from creeping in. His home run last night was certainly a relief, but it came on a grooved 89 fastball. Any kind of high-end heat and he looks bad. Too many weak pop-ups to the middle of the diamond. So let's hope for more center cut cheese and all will be well.

Roy Halladay Versus Roy Halladay left & light is always an entertaining match up.

Good and speedy times in store for tonight. Get ball, throw ball, fuck off. I like the Jays chances tonight (so does ESPN's compubot!) but I do worry about the rotation for the weekend. We all know Burnett will go on short rest, and Halladay will too. Will that be enough to get them to Monday's off day? Does it matter? Not really, but there is fun to be had watching this team compete.

I would be remiss not to point out the latest Rocco loveletter, this time from the good people at Yahoo. So much from my fourth outfielder pipedream. Keep on keeping on Rocco.

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  1. Lloyd I think tonight's game will only run 1 hour, 32 minutes. Halladay will make quick work of the Chi-Sox. Hopefully the Jays pull through with a win for your Bday.


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