Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock and Roll Will Never Die

Rocco's in the playoffs and Scott Rolen hit an insurance home run. Sounds like a good day to me.

Unlike Friday, aka the day 2009 died. The offseason is long and will be full of baseless conjecture. I'd much rather focus on what precious little baseball (Blue Jays baseball) I have left to savor. Only a few more examples of Scott Rolen defense, only a few more games to watch Travis Snider and Adam Lind improve. Only a few more chances for Brandon League to do whatever it is that Brandon League does, and only one more chance for AJ Burnett to prove he is the worst fielding pitcher in baseball. And flaky as hell.

Today will be my final live Blue Jays game of the year. Scott Richmond against Dice-K? Ugh. Hopefully Kevin Youkillis doesn't do anything to piss me off. In other words, hopefully Tito gives him the day off.


  1. I think AJ could start Wednesday on normal rest and then Sunday on three days rest if he has a shot at 20.

  2. I think he said he wouldn't do it though. No sense risking the big payday.

  3. "9 = 8" is only slightly less-warming that "2 hearts = 1".



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