Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best. Season. Ever.

86 times I sat down and tried to think of dick jokes to accompany a Blue Jays win. 32 times (league high!) I had to think of dicks jokes that could relate to a one run loss. For me, that doesn't describe disappointment, or failure, or anything but a good time.

Did John MacDonald perform feats previously unseen? Yes. Did Scott Rolen boggle the mind? Yup. Was Roy Halladay off his ass from April 'til October? Cy think so. Were there walkoffs? King Dong walkoffs even! Did Jesse Litsch make The Face and convert the skeptical? That he did. As far as I'm concerned, this season was a rousing success. The team won more than they lost; and were a little bit of good luck away from being right in the thick of the pennant chase.

Ah, ever elusive luck. The Jays underperformed their Pythag right from the start and never recovered. They also got unlucky with some flyers they took on cheap free agents. What if Wilkerson and Hinske flip results? For what it's worth, Hinske was coming off a 87 OPS+ season, Wilkerson 104. What if Grant Balfour pitched more like Aramando Benitez instead of Joe Nathan? I don't mean to sound bitter, but those critical of JP should remember found money works both ways. Sometimes you find a dime, sometimes you pick up an ancient doubloon.

On a personal level, this season was more rewarding than any World Series championship. I learned more, laughed more, and argued more about baseball than I ever thought possible. Without the support of everyone that linked, commented, and read; that wouldn't have been possible. I want to thank and offer my sincere appreciation to all the good people that helped make this season a success for me: first and foremost the Reverend, Jesse BoBD and El Leal for their invaluable contributions, visible and otherwise. Rob & Kris for reaching across the aisle and the border, the Drunks, JW & the Southpaw, the incomparable Tao, Hale, Mohawk Chalk, Ian the hunter, the beleafers, 35th Street Andrew and all the good people that keep the databases full and the amazing Blue Jays content fresh, hilarious, and relevant. The Jays blogosphere is the best and most varied in baseball. Period.

Don't think this sappiness is the end of the line, not by a long shot. Ghostrunner on First will still be home to all the baseball detritus you've come to know and tolerate. All winter long! Winter meetings, GM meetings, playdowns, and anything else remotely Blue Jay related. Best season ever! Playoffs!


  1. It's been a pleasure Mr. Barber, can't wait till next season.

    I don't know about you, but I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do for the next 5 months. I'm considering taking up knitting. Hopefully by Opening Day 2009, I'll have a complete quilt with patches of all the players.

  2. Lloyd, your blog quickly became a personal favorite. Got it up in the RSS reader and shit, you know? Love your work.

    Much like yourself, I got really involved in the Blue Jays blogosphere this year, and it increased my levels of Blue Jays related enjoyment ten-fold. You're right, regardless of the results, it was a fantastic season. And the Blue Jays content on Al Gore here's internet is unrivaled, absolutely.

    The best part, the season never ends on the blogs. It's Blue Jays baseball , 365 days of the year. Looking forward to the off-season and to 2009. Before we know it, the boys will be reporting to spring training, and there will be boners for as far as the eye can see.

    Go Jays.

    Navin aka eyebleaf

  3. well, LLYOD!!!

    I guess I was neither fresh nor hilarious nor relevant!!!

  4. I'm terrible. Allow me to apologize profusely. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

  5. Wow, I should yell more often. It's cool...I'm very impressed with how much work you put in all by your lonesome and the Wed with JP bits are great...makes me wish I listened to Weds with JP. Kind of.


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