Friday, September 26, 2008

Outdated, Meaningless Milestone Still Kinda Cool

Wins are still bullshit, and completely out of the pitcher's control, but damned if I didn't get a little amped when Halladay picked up his 20th. In typical Halladay style, he deflected all credit to his teammates, refused to compare this season to 2003 and was generally amazing about the whole thing. I genuinely get embarrassed when he's forced to talk to the media, it is an affront to everything he stands for. Let the man pitch and go the fuck home.

I can't imagine the amount of focus and concentration required to be Roy Halladay. Faced with the inanity of post-game questioning, I'm surprised he doesn't snap more often and start tearing heads from bodies. AJ Burnett is lucky to be alive. You don't sneak up on a wild animal just released from his cage

Last night seemed like a grand old time at the dome. Winning and cheering and waving and what not. The ginger and the giner sitting in the expensive seats yucking it up every time a foul came close. Even good old Cosplay Carson got a slice of camera time. A pretty good note to end the home schedule on; if it really has to end. When is opening day again?

Unfortunately, finishing up against the Orioles on the road is the definition of anticlimactic. The final weekend of the season will find me at Walkoff Walk once again. Today too! One of the headmen is on vacation (in Canada!) so I may just saunter over waste different people's time.

Late Pass Territory - Halladay Suppresses the Urge to Kill by Fishing

I think it's best that Roy Halladay enjoys the serene comforts of fishing. I hope he enjoys the constant sitting and gazing, casting and staring into space. He deserves a break. Though a few well-timed grimaces towards the water and his boat will quickly fill with his day's take.


  1. I hope Griff was listening to Doc's views on wins for a pitcher. Loved him recognizing the bullpen as well.

    Will you be doing a break down of Halladay's chances for a CY?

  2. I'd like to, but I just don't see him having a shot. This fangraphs piece did I better job than I could ever hope to, and even I'm not convinced after reading it.

  3. See, I've never said this before in regards to the CY but I wonder how strength of schedule should play in.

    Obviously you can't help what division you're in but when a team pushes a player back to avoid certain match ups and teams it makes you wonder.

    I'm not convinced either but I am convinced he should at least be in the discussion yet people have been giving Lee the CY for a month now.


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