Friday, September 5, 2008

From Feast to Famine

The Jays change gears tonight, switching from beating up on the Twins (6-0 this year) to the vaunted Rays, against whom they have 4-11 record this year. Despite losing 2 of the 3 at home to the Yanks, the Rays just keep on winning.

If momentum is only as good as tomorrow's starting pitcher, than the Jays are flush with the stuff. I'm quite confident that Roy Halladay wants to exact more revenge on the Rays, 3 losses to one team is unacceptable. He takes on Total Eclipse of the Sonnanstine, who's beaten the Jays twice this year but hasn't looked great doing it.

Equally unacceptable is my continuing performance over at Walkoff Walk; yet they continue to ask me back. The fools! They'll catch on soon enough. Last week we had two shrimps in one night, what will this weekend hold? One thing is for sure, I'll be watching Rocco on Sunday from the best seats I can steal. I'll be the guy giving him a standing ovation every time he comes to the plate. The picture above is of Chuck Ragan, he of Hot Water Music fame. He has a new bearded whiskeyman roots record, and it is alright. But Hot Water Music were pretty great, seemingly putting out a new 7" every six weeks; each was better than the last! I'm old, but not quite old enough for soul-searching blues.


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