Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Marcum goes down, Jays behind

Shaun Marcum looked completely out of sorts early tonight against the O's. Marcum, who usually has great command, struggled to get the ball over and was pulled from the game after walking Nick Markakis in the third If he's hurt, it will be the second time this season as he missed a month earlier with a wonky elbow. Personally, I'd shut him down from here on in. There's no reason to risk what is still a promising career.

The Jays, for whatever reason, can't seem to get anything going off rookie Chris Waters. I'm about 99% sure that even I could get a fucking hit off this clown. In fact I'd set the over under at 1.5 for number of hits I'd get in four at bats facing Waters. Going into the bottom of the seventh the Jays have managed a paltry three hits and four baserunners.

Now I remember why they will miss the post-season.

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