Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jays Quest for 90 wins buoyed by Orioles Arrival

Brian Roberts, can we borrow some eggs?
Yes, those torturous Orioles. I predicted historically awful things from them, but for the first half of the season they sat above the .500 mark. They were two games over on the date the Jays made their big turn-around. They've gone 9-21 over their last 30 games, putting them back on track for a cool 90 loses. The O's have some talent, but none of it is able to throw the ball over the plate. The Orioles scouts seem to love big dudes with zero control like Daniel Cabrera and Radhames Liz, who's WHIP is an artistic shade under 1.8. That is some determined awfulness. Liz is coming off an excellent start but there is nothing to suggest he'll be able to follow it up. In other words, the Jays have no shot tonight.

These Birds can certainly hit, ranking 5th in the league in extra base hits. Their record against the Jays seems a lot better than 4-8, mostly because I dismiss them so easily that every victory seems twice as bad. They're not good, and are playing even worse.

A quick spin around the Orioles blogosphere reveals that the Orioles blogosphere is a mind-numbing place. Shouldn't you be able to have fun, despite your team's awful season? Oriole Central looks to be the most frequently updated and comprehensive in a Batter's Boxy kind of way. Consider that a warnzzzzzz...

ESPN has turned their loving gaze towards the Jays quite a bit lately; from the COMPUBOT predicting a comprehensive victory tonight to another article about AJ Burnett opting out and what it means to the team moving forward. Thanks for checking in ESPN, and for dubbing the Jays success Pyrrhic. What is the great cost of success to the Jays again? Raised expectations? The shit cuts deep.

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