Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Notes from New York

Derek Jeter has played post-season baseball every year of his career; dating back in his rookie season of 1995. With the post-season galaxies away in 2008 people have been wondering how Derek would spend his October after so many years of fall baseball. Word around the league is that Jeter, along with good friends Bernie Williams and Chuck Knoblauch, will spend most of the month fly fishing in Louisiana and hanging out at Joe Torre's pad in Los Angeles. There's a chance Roger Clemens may show up half way through the month if he's not too busy getting fat in Houston or partaking in federal court proceedings.

In hopes of a very late playoff push, the Yankees are close to activating minor league coach Luis Sojo for some added experience and leadership. It's been suggested that Sojo would be number two on the depth charts at all infield positions behind Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano. Sojo should look forward to roughly zero at bats during the home stretch. The Yankees do feel he's an excellent pinch runner though.

Ivan Rodriguez received a two-game suspension for his part in a brief scuffle during a recent game versus the Angels. He also sat out today's affair, complaining of whiplash-like symptoms. While I'm suppose it's possible this ailment is related to Pudge being shoved from behind by Torii Hunter; they more likely the result of the very bitch-like open handed girl swat he whistled by Hunter's ear during the ensuing skirmish. Though I suppose that is up for debate.

The Yankees are moving out of their garbage-dump park into a building across the street that, for all intents and purposes, is exactly the same. I guess you have no choice to move when the place is falling apart, smells like urine (and feces at times) and is occupied by about as many rodents as fans. Someone better remember to get the Boss's golf cart out of the parking garage before it's demoed. Motherfucker would be lost without it.

The Yankees pitching staff is quite awful. It's a wonder they've won as many games as they. Rasner should be in A ball and Andy Pettitte really just should have stayed home this season. Either that or take some other type of HGH that would have ensured he didn't suck as often as he does. I'm not even going to talk about Sidney Ponson. Everyone can figure that shit out for themselves. LaTroy Hawkins and Kyle Farnsworth coming out of the pen is a real good way to ensure any lead you may have had is lost quite quickly.

2008 Yankees payroll - $209,081,579
(1st by $70,369,382, more than the total payroll of 11 big league teams)
Evidence that you don't always get what you pay for, especially when spent stupidly.

It's starting to feel more like the late eighties every day.

Fuck the Yankees.

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