Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Bottom Line

If you go through your entire professional career acting like a complete scumbag jerk fuck, when you fuck up the court of public opinion is going to view you as just that: a scumbag jerk fuck. Don't expect any sympathy now, jackass.

Roger Clemens doesn't "care" about the Hall of fame. He doesn't "care" what everyone else thinks. The only problem with that is that it's a 100% complete lie. All Roger Clemens has ever cared about is his idiot self. Why would someone who doesn't "care" about the Hall or the fans go to such great lengths to prove his innocence.

Brian McNamee is a scumbag that honestly believed the Rog to be his buddy. As previously stated, Roger Clemens is a complete dipshit. Andy Pettitte threw his so-called friend right under the fucking streetcar. Congress is wasting their time, they're wasting my time, and they're not even going about this whole debacle in anything close to the right manner. Not a soul there has any clue about what's gone on, what continues to go on today, and what the future holds for baseball. So to all of them should try fucking off.

Republican this....Democrat that....FUCK IT, let's play some baseball.


  1. Clooney cares not for your baseball scandals.

  2. Clooney played running bases growing up.

  3. I think that Clooney photo just charmed my pants off. There can be no other explanation for my sudden pantslessness.


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