Monday, February 18, 2008

Glorious Family Day

Indeed it is. In observation of our newest statutory holiday, I am staying home from work, doing absolutely nothing as every honest Canadian Ontarian should. I'm sure some slave driving commercial outlets are making their poor sap employees come in on this holiest of days. Since this is the grandest of holidays I'll keep this short and simply offer updates on two matters on the minds of the entire Jay fan base.

Vernon Wells was quoted as saying his shoulder is "close to 100%" after September surgery ended his worst season in the bigs. The repair of a torn labrum and removal of a cyst were deemed successful, and Wells is optimistic he'll return to the form Jays fans are used to. John Gibbons said his swing seemed "smooth and loose" in the cages. Wells did say he's expected to "feel" something in the shoulder for about a year, but most importantly it will be pain free.

Remember back in December...the Rios for Lincecum trade talks? Well Alex does, and he's happy to be in Florida with the Jays rather than out in the desert with San Fransisco. "I like our team" said Rios, who avoided salary arbitration with the Jays and is signed through this season. Hopefully Rios and the Jays can get something long-term together, though it's not a major concern going into the spring. Rios likes the additions the Jays made during the off-season and is also currently sporting a mohawk, which is badass in it's own right.

The Jays first full squad workout is scheduled for Thursday.

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