Thursday, February 21, 2008

Handicapping the horses

Are you a betting man? I'd like to say I am, but sadly I'm really just a sucker who plays proline once a year, blindly believing I have a winning ticket. Which is of course never the case. Here at Ghostrunner on First we want to provide those who enjoy placing the odd wager with some up-to-date and oh so very accurate odds for you to use while placing your bets. They are in no way biased, however the insight for each team more than likely is. I'm not going to go through every team, because who really needs to know the odds on the Nationals to win the World Series. The following are the latest odds on each team winning the 2008 World Series, which in a way provide a clue to the projected strength of divisions. Again, I'm not listing every team, so if you want the entire division odds, google it or some shit.

Boston Red Sox 4-to-1
Not a bad price for the defending champs. I'd call it a safe bet, one lacking in the balls category. In the end, fuck the Red Sox. Josh Beckett is a man.

New York Yankees 6-to-1
If you like the Yankees, that's a tempting price. However, if you like the Yankees you're an idiot.

Toronto Blue Jays 25-to-1
What kind of bullshit is that. Eat my ass Vegas. If I had any sort of scratch to wager on the birds, you can be sure I'd bet the farm at that price.

The Orioles are 200-to-1 however in my opinion should be 2000-to-1

Detroit Tigers 7-to-1
Bullpen or not, I'm all over those odds. Have you seen their fucking lineup?

Cleveland Indians 10-to-1
They proved they could play last season, and while a return to the Post season is a distinct possibility, I don't believe they have what it takes to win it all. But I've been wrong before.

White Sox, Royals and're just wasting your time.

Anaheim Angels 8-to-1
Seattle Mariners 22-to-1
The Angels aren't that much better than the pitching-loaded Mariners. Choose wisely.

The NY Mets 5-to-1
If you want to bet on the kings of collapse, by all means...

Philadelphia Phillies 20-to-1
I believe the Johan Santana trade has created a disparity in the odds here, pretty good price for the Phils if you ask me.

Chicago Cubs 12-to-1
Milwaukee Brewers 25-to-1
I'd consider these co-favorites for the Central, but evidently Vegas disagrees, so fuck them.
Everyone else will be really bad I'm quite sure.

Arizona Diamondbacks 18-to-1
Los Angeles Dodgers 20-to-1
Colorado Rockies 22-to-1
I have no idea why the Rockies aren't favored. No idea at all. All my money would be going Colorado's way far before the D'backs and Dodgers. The Giants, if they aren't, should be 5000-to-1.

Make sure you trust your bookie. Don't stretch yourself too thin. Really in the end, if you're trying to make money by gambling on sports, you have little hope. But here's to your efforts, wins and of course losses.

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