Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's getting so very old

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, athletes didn't take "performance enhancing" drugs. Nope, they relied on pure skill, heart and desire every time they put on the uniform. None of them would have ever considered taking such substances had they existed and been readily available at the time.

It seems to me that it isn't even the records and numbers that are at the forefront here, rather the individual's character. Forget that Barry Bonds would have and still should have a Hall of Fame career. He's a "bad person" for "taking steroids" and lying about it. Forget the fact Roger Clemens was one of the most dominant pitchers of his time. He's a "bad person" for "taking steroids" and lying about it. Roger Clemens isn't a bad person because he took steroids. He's a bad person because he's a pompous dick. This isn't baseball specific, though we'll stick to it for the purpose of this rant. I still fail to fully understand the whole point of this entire congressional endeavour. Are they trying to prove that MLB players were doing something illegal? Because if that is it, every major sport should be under the exact same scrutiny. Which they aren't. Is it because they are trying to point out that MLB didn't have a good enough drug enforcement policy? Why do they care? Why waste all this time and money to "prove" something that was already so very evident? This is a issue well beyond the realm of Major League Baseball and it's getting old and tired.

So Clemens may evidently be "lying" about his past use of steroids, or HGH or whatever the fuck else he may have taken. Who gives a shit? Let's say they do prove he used them. What then? They take away his records and refuse to acknowledge his numbers? Big fucking deal. I'm sure he'll really give a flying fuck as he lounges in his pool at the mansion(s) that baseball built. But at least the public will have the satisfaction of KNOWING he did them. The fact is, we'll never know just how many players were using, we'll only know there were a lot. But you know what, no one cared. People were being entertained, and that is what people want whether you want to believe it or not. In 1998 everyone knew McGwire and Sosa were more than likely on something, but they didn't care, because that shit was entertaining.

I'll tell you this much: I'd sooner cast a Hall of Fame vote for someone who has allegedly taken steroids than a racist bigot or a player who was hopped up on coke all the time (the 1970's and 80's). Better still, how about I cast my vote for players worthy based on their statistical performance within the rules of the game?

Owner's knew players were doing it. So they are liars.
Managers knew players were doing it. So they are liars.
Other players knew about it. What a bunch of liars.
Major League baseball was also aware...liars.
So they're all liars, the whole lot of them. And I still don't care, and neither does anyone else.

I've heard a lot of blame being placed on these professional athletes when it comes to the use of steroids at the amateur level. "They're supposed to be role models." "They're supposed to set a good example for kids." "Kids see the pro's using steroids, and think it's O.K. for them to do it." Bullshit. I've never seen a professional athlete take steroids. I've only been told by some media quack that there is "evidence" player X may be using performance enhancing drugs or has admitted using them. You know how many high school kids are taking steroids? One Gazillion. You know where the pressure comes from leading them to use? Their coaches and their fucking parents. Some of the kids probably get the shit from their own family doctor for christ's sake. This is a much larger issue then Roger fucking Clemens.

Here is a small sample of some of the substances banned by Major League Baseball - Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, Opiates, MDMA (ecstasy), GHB, PCP, Ephedra, and oh, about 40+ different types of Steroids. Marijuana?? Christ, half the league has and probably still smokes weed. Come the fuck on...

Did they take Darryl Strawberry's MVP awards away because he was a junkie? What about Dwight Gooden? Mickey Mantle probably never played a game sober. Anecdotal evidence suggests every single player was probably using amphetamines during the 60's and 70's. You're probably high right now while reading this.

I'll say this much. If I'd have been playing and taking steroids would have probably gotten me an extra 2-8 million dollars a season, I'd have more than likely done it. You would have too, don't lie. It wasn't against the rules. Would that make me a bad person? Depends on who you ask. Would I be putting my health at risk? Most likely, but it'd be my choice. Would I be richer than you are? Absolutely. Would you harbour feelings of jealousy because of it? Well that shit just answers itself.

Jose Canseco wrote in his book that at one point 85% of MLB players were steroids. (Granted, he's an idiot, so that could be high)
David Wells said during an interview it was as high as 40%.
Ken Caminiti admitted winning the 1996 NL MVP award while on steroids.

They're never going to determine all of them. Why try? It's a waste of their time, my time, your time and isn't going to accomplish dick in the end. Major League Baseball screwed up. That's it. They turned a blind eye and wouldn't admit there was a problem. Going after the players now is pointless, they never broke the rules to begin with.

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