Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arbitration is for Suckers

No arbitration hearing for Zhar Ricciardi this year, though even had there been I'm quite sure he would have blown up the room with his thoughts, thus avoiding the hearing(s) all together.

The Jays and All-Star outfielder Alex Rios agreed to terms today on a one year contract that will see him paid US$4.835 million. Rios was the only Jay left in arbitration. I must and am obliged to remind you all that no Jay has gone to salary arbitration since J.P. sauntered into town following the 2001 season. Rios was after $5.65 million in arbitration while the Jays countered with $4.385 million. He earned $2.535 million in 2007.

Broken down he gets a $3.5 million signing bonus and a salary of $1.335 million. Oh yeah, and he gets $15,000 in fun money if (and when) he makes the AL All-Star team. Alex hit .297 last season with 24 HR, 85 RBI's, 17 SB's and 43 2B's.


- Rios was born in Coffee, Alabama. Yes, Coffee.
- Rios walking to the plate theme music is "Los Bandoleros" by Don Imar and Tego Calderon.
- Rios has "unlimited potential" and is a "five tool" player
- Chicks are fans
- He is bilingual
- Yes, he has been pied in the face by Vernon Wells during a post game interview

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