Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heart and Soul

David Eckstein reported to camp today, his face is splashed across all the usual outlets. Seeing his tiny head peering out from beneath his comically oversized helmet reminds of one thing: I hate David Eckstein.

I hated him when he played for the Angels, I hated him when he played for the Cards and I really fucking hate him now. I don't hate him in the "he always kills our team, the spunky bastard" way, I hate the sight of him. I think I may actually hate the idea of him. Partly because I'm lazy and determined to make nothing out of something, but mostly because he's such a little weasel.

Is there a chance he could improve the Jays? Certainly. He could be a serviceable tablesetter at the top of the order. But the aesthetic price that the Jays will pay will be far greater. His stupid oversized jersey, the need to fling his narrow ass across the infield just to one-hop a throw to first, the way he chokes up to the label just to get around on big league heat. I don't care how bad Johnny Mac is with the stick, at least he looks like a ball player.

People are going to harass Wilner with love letters about heart and grit, more than likely the same people that make this journeyman and deadbeat a god in this city. You know who hustles? People that suck. I don't care about heart, I don't care about grit. At this highest level, it's about talent. I pay good money to watch guys do things that the obnoxious guy from my softball league can't. Anyone can run to first after a walk, anyone can learn to bunt. Eckstein has only ever shown me the ability to one thing at a big league level.

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