Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Spring has sprung! Let the overreaching predictions and instantly-regrettable choices burst forth like a glacial stream betwixt two imposing mountaintops.

Ryan Dempster, proud owner of two Canadian passports (on his chin and in his travel attaché) has decided that this, the 100th anniversary of the Cubs last World Series triumph, is the year the Cubs win the World Series. The Cumdempster could be plying his unique brand of cardiac-ball from the rotation this season, giving Cub fans an extra 4 and 2/3 innings to curse his name. Tinkers to Evers to Chance to Infinity.

Congratulations Erik Bedard! You've been traded to the Mariners. You get to play with Ichiro in a gigantic pitcher's ballpark. Have a coffee, here's an umbrella. Comfortable yet? I know you've only been here a few days, but guess what? You're our Opening Day starter! Pressure, what do you mean pressure? I know we've got a young stud that was rushed last year, but he's okay. Right? Right???

Hi, I'm Josh Beckett. I'm 27 years old and have two (2) World Series rings. I'm a big game pitcher and a big game hunter. I plow through country starlets and hang out with NASCAR drivers. Murph, Sully, and Seaner would all leave Tina/Brianna in the lurch for one night with me. I'm a pretty big fucking deal, let me tell you. I live big and I eat big. Do something. Don't mess with Texas, and don't bring me a ribrack that weighs less than a Pop Warner football team.

This post's lead photo has nothing to do with baseball or our blog. It is of Namdaemun, a 610 year old gate in Seoul. Sadly, Namdaemun was badly and tragically damaged by a purposely set fire this week. The image is courtesy of Uhh, dick joke?

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  1. Josh Beckett doesn't want the ribs, he'll just eat the pop warner football team instead.


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