Monday, February 11, 2008

People I'd like to punch

There are just some people in the MLB that need my fist in their face, and these are them:

Milton Bradley - Granted he'd more than likely kill me after I punched him, crazy bastard.
Bronson Arroyo - I don't like the way he looks, he should be punched.
Kenny Rogers - All you need is a camera and some questions....then it's on.
Carl Everett - Needs an ass kicking.
AJ Pierzynski - He's just a clown.
Shea Hillenbrand - I'm not the only one.
Jim Edmonds - Anyone can dog it to make catches look great, screw Jim.
Brett Myers - He beat his wife, and is a complete dick on top of that.
Rafael Furcal - Repeat DUI offender, c'mon Rafael you're better than that. Actually, you aren't.
Gary Sheffield - Slow the bat down scum bag.
CC Sabathia - hahahahahahahahaha, I just want to, and put you're hat on straight idiot.
Juan Pierre - Same reason.
Raul Mondesi - Lloyd's exploits clearly demonstrate that Mondesi needs to be decked.
Roger Clemens & Alex Rodriguez - I have a general hate-on for both of them.

I'm sure there are hundreds more. Many players need to be punched in the mouth by me, I'm quite certain of it. Current Toronto Blue Jays are exempt, as are the former Jays that haven't quite met my criteria for receiving an overhand right.

Alex Rodriguez really is a dick though.

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