Friday, February 8, 2008

I better get my seat

I don't care who I'm sitting next to come opening day this season, but it seems to me the likelihood of it being some prick Red Sox fan has gone up somewhat.

This farming out of tickets has spawned quite a bit of questioning and anger from some of the more loyal Jay supporters. For good reason too. You can't offer tickets to opposing teams fans before offering them to the local fans who put far more money into ownerships pockets than they do as well as support them on a daily basis. That's fucking retarded. If it's indeed true the Jays were offering up tickets to Red Sox and Tigers fans prior to Jays fans, then that is simply poor.

Just to be clear, April 4th is FUCKING OPENING DAY. Opening day doesn't need to be promoted to opposing fans for fuck sake. Why the shit would Jay management want opposing fans in the stands for a game that will potentially sell out anyway? It did last year. If I hear louder cheering for the Red Sox than the Jays come opening day I'm going to start a riot right there at the game. Some Red Sox fan will get my fist in his mouth. I'm not going to go on, as plenty has been said regarding this debacle.

Consider the ball offically the fuck dropped on this one.

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