Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good times hold sway over wifeless Florida

As I alluded do a few days ago, spring training is the ideal time for men to have the time of their lives. When money > time but time > responsbility - awesome stuff is bound to be the result. Those are some Sabermetrics that I can get behind.

I am sure this video has already made the rounds, but it is so enjoyable and testament to the "fuck I'm bored, let's make the young guy cry" spirit that makes baseball so amazing.

The straight facedness of the ruddy manager, the legitimacy of signing official-looking forms (in triplicate!!!) combined with the absence of the thought: "wait a minute, I can't get traded to Japan." A minor detail that should have set off all manner of bullshit detector, but truly makes this one for the ages.

Video via With Leather who in turn borrowed it from someone else.

God Bless the sports blog circlejerkoflife

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