Monday, May 26, 2008


Much like the Dubai skyline, the Jays winning streak is built on the backs of underpaid foreign workers. Fortunately for them, workers in Dubai don't have to suffer the indignity of toiling beneath the world's second tallest free-standing structure.

The Royals would have to improve to be classed as shitty.

I like winning streaks just fine, but as I said the other day, let's wait and see what the Jays do against a real team. Or maybe it is the Blue Jays pitching staff is so good, it reduces all opponents to double A caliber roster-filler. I like the sound of that much better. A fresh bullpen (6.2 innings pitched by 4 relievers in 5 games) heading into a long road trip is a great thing.

The Earth's Yellow Sun Burns Skin, Shortens Patience

An enjoyable day at the Skydome (the Nicorette girl's words, not mine) was almost marred by more wave-related ugliness. I took up the cause with a line of heckling along the "go back to the county fair, it isn't 1984" lines before settling on a resounding "You suck" to the one moron that unsuccessfully (and repeatedly) attempted to start the wave. My loud, dersive laughter that followed his final, futile attempt sent him scurrying to another section for validation. On a more positive note, my West Ham United jersey received a nice shout-out from some equally awesome Hammer. May he blow bubbles all summer long.

Toronto Star attempts to confuse Leafs fans into following baseball

That is the only excuse for this brutal typo. How many copy editors etc did this get past? Add the four week old pictures of "Mats Sundin takes BP" on the main baseball page, and my head falls in shame. This paper has three dedicated baseball writers, one of whom is generally awesome. I should just face facts, people just don't like baseball that much. Sigh.


Rocco took BP a few weeks back, and reported that he was feeling good. He was sporting a beard, no doubt to court all the hipster trim that gravitates towards flashes in the pan like Justice, Vampire Weekend and the Tampa Bay Rays. One of the dudes at Rays Index hedges terribly over Rocco's comments, saying they sound like doctors trying to keep their patient optimistic. Any man that refuses to acknowledge that the Rays are this year's Milwaukee Brewers obviously has a distorted view of reality. Rocco is coming back, and now that the Rays have bought out his option for next year, will be a free agent at season's end. Gee, too bad I can't think of a team that could use a low risk, high reward left fielder to perhaps platoon with their left hand hitting LF of the future. Hmmm, can any one think of a team in that situation next year?


  1. Just curious: why all the Rocco love from you guys?


  2. Sometimes, you make a joke about a guy's name, about him making the Italian baseball player relevant again. Then you realize that he's awesome, and all you've ever wanted in a baseball player, nay, a man. It's all downhill from there.

    I'm the only one with Rocco love, but when he becomes a Blue Jay in the offseason, everyone else will understand.

  3. I'm I out of line suspecting that one of your forebearers had a similar thing for Dom Dimaggio?


  4. My dad's favorite player was Duke Snider, that is probably the best I can do.

  5. I've heard the story about how Harmon Killebrew socked two dingers onto the roof of Tiger stadium about a million times.


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