Sunday, May 18, 2008

...and some days, it rains

Oh Bull Durham. No matter what, that movie never gets old.

The unstoppable Shaun Marcum took the mound today to show the Phillies why the whole of Toronto has a massive size man crush on the man. The rain came and delayed the game however, effectively ending Marcum's day after just an inning of work. He threw only 22 pitches and allowed a two run homer to Ryan Howard.

The game resumed when Shawn Camp took the hill in Marcum's place and threw three solid innings, allowing only one run. Lyle Overbay pinch hit in the fifth and went yard with a three run jack that at the time tied the game. Shannon Stewart has since doubled in a couple and the Jays go to bat in the seventh leading 6-4. A win today would bring the club back to the .500 mark as they continue to try and claw up the standings in the East.

Long rain delays can always mess up a team's lineup and force them to use more pitching then they'd like to. Case in point today, where Roy Halladay came out of the bullpen to finish off the sixth inning. Shit, I can't remember the last I saw Halladay come out of the pen to work. I'm sure it hasn't been as long as I think, nonetheless it's strange to see. I'd take the time to actually look it up, but someone else will before the day is done which means I don't have to.

Update - Hallaway came out and threw a scoreless 7th, what a great bullpen.

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