Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can't cash'em in

I'm quite sure I couldn't have been screaming my face off anymore than I was during the 8th and 9th innings tonight down at Rogers centre while the Jays did battle with the Angels. I was quite convinced that with the bases loaded, and none out in the 8th at the very least a couple of runs would cross the plate to make things interesting. Didn't happen. However, I was quite jubilant when again, the Jays loaded the bases with only one out in the bottom of the ninth courtesy of a wild K-rod. Aaron Hill was at the dish, and I was 99.97% sure that good things were going to happen. Didn't happen.

What happened? They shit all over themselves. It actually couldn't have been much worse really. For the love of god Alex, you just can't strike out looking in the bottom of the ninth with the tying run on second, and the winning run on first. Swing the fucking bat. Jump in front of the fucking ball or something, I don't care. Don't sit there like a chump though. You're better than that.

Again, the pitching was solid. Didn't look like McGowan had his best stuff, however he made the most of what he did have, and gave the Jays the chance to win the game. All told the Jays left 23 runners on base while scoring just one run on 9 hits. What can you do. One thing that Toronto fans are getting to realize on the off chance they weren't already aware is that Scott Rolen is a fucking beast at third base. It really is a pleasure to watch him swallow up everything hit in his vicinity. Gold fucking gloves son.

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