Monday, May 19, 2008

Re-Opening Day! Boners Re-Abound!

With an even record and a quarter of the season complete, the Jays essentially have a blank slate. They are four back in the division, three in the wildcard. Things could be much, much worse. They've started to get some bounces (their Pythag has come around to a plus 1). They've even been winning one-run games.

The streaky guys have already had slumps, the doubles guy seems to be pulling the ball and doing the doubles thing again. The highly paid guy is hurt, but the highly paid closer guy is nine for nine in save attempts. The highly paid rotation guys have BOTH made relief appearances, while some of the best work out of the bullpen has come courtesy of the unheralded guys.

Things are looking good, in other words. The summer will eventually start, and anything could happen. Some AL East rivals are already coming back to earth, while the team with the payroll greater than the GDP of Portugal will inevitably get hot. The grim certainly of a long Yankee winning streak makes my chest ache, so I'll have to delight in their current struggles. It would be just fine by me if they took it upon themselves to continue sucking dearly. It looks good on them, and great on me.

In honor of the summer and things that are generally awesome, I slapped together a video using some idiot-proof program. It took skill, effort and precision. Or about 5 minutes of dragging and dropping. Reminded me of the last time I quickly disposed of a body....anyway, it features images of some of the greatest things on Earth that I happen to have jpegs for. The music is Trapped Under Ice. Check them out in Toronto on June 1st.

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