Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is a corner being turned?

Or is the pitching staff going to return to a level of performance that isn't beyond ridiculous? Honestly, I couldn't care less, so long as they keep putting up the W's. Oddly enough, the guy who was battling for the 5th spot in the rotation this spring is the first Jay pitcher to 4 wins. Just imagine if Casey Janssen hadn't been injured.

The bats seem to come alive (for the Jays) today and baby steps are being taken to right the offensive ship. 3 for 13 with runners in scoring position, believe it or not, is an improvement for the Jays and it's only a matter of time before they bust out of this funk. Vernon Wells came up big today which is great to see, because like or not, he's a big key to the success of this team. Sure the Jays left 21 runners on base, but at least they had those 21 players on to do so.

Julio Franco announced his retirement from professional baseball Wednesday at the ripe old age of 49. He'd long say he wanted to play into his 50's but father time seemed to have caught up with the oldest player to ever hit a home run in Major League Baseball. Franco was currently playing in the Mexican league for the Quintana Roo Tigers. Franco played his first pro game for the Escogido Tigers in the Dominican winter league in 1980, when I was two fucking years old! He made his Major League debut in 1982 with the Phillies. For as long as I can remember Julio Franco has been playing baseball in some capacity, mostly as a bona fide major leaguer. Although it doesn't make me all that sad he's retired, it does make me feel somewhat old. Franco retires with a career .298 average, 2,586 hits and 173 home runs in 23 seasons in the majors with eight teams. He also used one of the heaviest bats in the league...figure that shit out.

Parkes over at DJF has an oh so fucking true post on Nick Swisher that all should read. If you disagree, you're an idiot.

NOTE - The Reverend feels for Lloyd as his Habs have been ousted by the scumbags from Philly.


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