Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shortstops Go Down, Rolen Steps Up

David Eckstein and John McDonald were both placed on the 15 day DL this afternoon, leaving the team without a starting shortstop. The team has called up utility man Joe "Some drop science well I'm droppin" Inglett to serve in a variety of roles.

The team is considering a radical new defensive strategy, as Scott Rolen has volunteered to play the entire left side of the infield. "I'm just trying to help the team win" offered the best option at both positions. Numerous baseball statheads and number-geeks were sent scurrying back to their parents basement, divided on the potential impact to his zone rating. The erudite Rolen mentioned in passing that his range factor may take a hit, but the team is what is really important.

Manager John Gibbons, who until recently was hesitant to use gloveman/savant John McDonald as a defensive caddy for the diminutive Eckstein, now sees Scott Rolen as the answer at short. And Third. "This is a team that struggles to generate offence at times, so we need as many bats as possible" Gibbons remarked, adding that he has petitioned the league to allow Rolen two spots in the batting order.

Another option for the Blue Jays is to play both Inglett and Shannon Stewart in leftfield simultaneously. Gibbons believes that Inglett's inexperience coupled with Stewart's weak throwing arm could combine to form a great concurrent platoon. "Stew's got good range, but his noodle isn't the strongest" Gibbons continued: "If we use Joey as a built-in cutoff man, we can have the best of both worlds!" Gibbons added that with a right hander on the mound, we could see the concurrent platoon of Stairs and Stewart, who's combined range factor could match that of Carl Crawford.


  1. Lyle Overbay must have read your post.

  2. He's hitting the ball well, but continues to go to left almost exclusively.

  3. Troy Glaus:

    120 ABs 1 home run, .225 Batting Average

  4. I've changed the name of the blog to reflect our new focus.


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