Thursday, May 1, 2008

Please Return Your Boners To Their Upright and Engorged Position

Gibby politely informs Bruce Dreckman that he will NOT go gently into that good night. Neither will his scrapgritastic team.

Looking Ahead

The Jays return to the sanitary confines of the Rogers Hornsby Memorial Center today, where they will take on the first place Chicago White Sox. The good people at The 35th Street Review (a White Sox blog) were kind enough to ask me to preview this legendary weekend tilt for them. I encourage, nay implore, you to check it out. I'd just like to thank them for the opportunity, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Some Good That Has Come of What Just Transpired

Win or lose, the Jays starting rotation has been nothing short of sensational. The losing is tiresome, but no team that pitches this well will ever be too far from .500. The last time through the rotation has been other worldly. Five straight quality starts, one win. Whatever. I'm not ready to give up hope quite yet.

Buzz Bissenger is Currently Drafting a Soft-Focus Feature on the Much Maligned Will Leitch

The Tao nailed it a way I only wish I could, but there are a few things about the lunacy on HBO the other night that I refuse to let go.
  1. Buzz and douchebag emeritus Bob Costas cherrypick some of the greatest reporters of the 20th Century when asking Leitch about quality on the internet. Will said the same thing anyone with a brain would: those people are wonderful writers. It is hardly fair to pick out the worst of what blogs have to offer while ignoring the laziness and incompetence that spawned them.

    What about Deadline Danny of the Polookaville Post? Sitting in the press box, his story already written by the 6th inning, dying for the game to end so he can hit the postgame spread and be home in time for CSI?

  2. Reporters have long favored the few players who are willing to give honest answers and not speak in the bland, rehearsed platitudes that athletes are known for. One of my favorite blogs (and often linked here) is The Mockingbird. Why does General Hale need to ask AJ Burnett about his start, when he can analyze the data? I guess we should dispose of the Pitch F/X machines and simply ask AJ if he was "battling" or "had his best stuff tonight."

  3. A few months back, Big Daddy Drew wrote an amazing and dickjoke laden post about what a blog really was: a blank website. It can be anything you'd like, and the Blue Jay blogosphere showcases it perfectly. You can get a wide variety of analysis, opinion, comedy, and most importantly, discussion. The depth of discussion is what brings people to blogs, depth you're unlikely to find in any newspaper or on any hockey-mad television station. They don't have the time or the resources to dedicate to the minutiae of Johnny Mac's role with the team.
I'm not a journalist. I have no journalistic training (shocking I'm sure) and don't really aspire to be one. I enjoy doing this as a creative outlet, as a way to get more out of a game and team I love, and just do something outside from sitting around growing more and more obese. Micromanagement, media training and larger than life persona's have changed the fan's perception and attitude towards athletes. Surely, someone will understand when we fans have a little fun at the expense of these carefully shaped public images.

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