Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Earl Weaver, Renaissance Man

If you haven't seen this clip, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's hardly safe for work, but do you honestly care? You're reading a blog on company time, they can track that shit. Quitting your job passive-aggressively isn't very becoming.

Jesse whispered tale of this legend before a recent softball trouncing, but I didn't believe I'd ever hear it. But teh internets came through once again.
Hat tip to Jonah Keri once again for the link.

Note Earl's crude yet prescient explanation of quoteMoneyballunquote baseball philosophy: outs are valuable, why throw them away on the base paths. When they hit it over the fence, they can't fuck it up.


The two best teams in baseball hooked up in Tampa last night. Total paid attendance 15 896. Bush. Fucking. League. Hurricanes notwithstanding, they still drew only 17049 last time they hosted on a Monday night. They are going to tarp 7500 hundred seats should they (when they? What planet do we now live on?) make the playoffs. Mostly because they wouldn't sell them, but it could also be a slick season ticket sales tactic. Either way, it is more proof that non-NFL professional sports don't belong in Florida.

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