Friday, August 15, 2008

True Believers

The Large Smoke Birds roll into Fenway tonight nine games behind the Red Sox in the Wild Card race. It's been a season of "they just need to get hot" for the Jays and their every struggling ass offense. Well it's about that time now. Toronto is currently 62-60, with 40 games remaining, 27 of them are against either the Red Sox, Rays or Yankees. You gotta think it's going to take 90-95 wins to get into the playdowns. So Toronto needs to win 30ish games of their remaining 40. That, my friends, is .750 baseball.

I won't even try and count how many good pitching performances have been wasted due to the Jays inability to have their players physically cross home plate but I'm pretty sure it's a thousand. What the fuck can you expect when a player who's missed two months of the season is one behind the team lead in both home runs and RBIs? Awful.

While Scott Downs tries to convince the Jays he doesn't require a stint on the DL, don't expect to see "Shit the bed" Frasor in a meaningful situation anytime soon. How many chances does one get to relieve Jesse Litsch after he's tossed 7 innings of shutout ball? Motherfucker.

I doubt the Jays will finish 31-9 or anything remotely close to that, however I wouldn't be surprised if the Rays sputter home with Longoria, Crawford and now Percival on the shelf. Though I didn't expect the assholes to sit at the top of the East on August 15th either.


  1. like Lloyd Christmas told Mary Swanson when she told him the chances of them hooking up were one in a million:

    "so you're telling me there's a chance..."

    i believe. go jays.

  2. Picking on Jason Frasor isn't really fair. He hadn't given up a run in nearly a month. They have the best bullpen in baseball, but it isn't perfect.

  3. Jason Frasor can sit the fuck down.
    What have you done for me lately.
    I'ma pick on anyone and everyone that deserves it on a game to game basis from here on in.


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