Sunday, August 17, 2008

Message Received

Josh Beckett removes Adam Lind's treatment from his faceUpdate: This aborted, half-assed post has been somewhat fleshed out. It still sucks though.

As much as I enjoy beating Boston so fully and impressively, I still won't waver from my hard and fast date to start looking upwards. But I will make an exception: I will deem the season a failure unless the Jays can finish above the Yankees. That is something I will pay particular attention to, and will not accept any less.

Did you learn from your chiding Alex Rio? 5 for 6, and a Major League record tying 4 doubles indicates so. His said after the game that he was trying to be more aggressive at the plate, that he hadn't strung a few good days together all season. That would be swell Alex. Two or three simultaneous hot streaks would be a first for this season, and certainly welcome.

Remember one week and one day ago, when I essential said that Adam Lind is now at point where I expect him to hit mistakes out, not just hit the ball hard somewhere. He is now doing that. It is unreal to watch.

Slap-hitting John MacDonald is now to be referred to as power-stricken 'roid monkey John MacDonald. He's certainly holding up his end of the bargain, taking some heat off Cito. The team improves to 21-13 with Johnny Mac in the starting lineup. Interesting.


  1. yesterday's matinee, that was fun, wasn't it? oh yes indeed it was!

    fuck beckett. comes out with a new jersey in the 2nd inning, because it was the jersey's fault. what a douche.

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