Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breathless Update during a Workless Weekend

Holy Shit! The Jays staged a wild comeback against the Yankees, with Jose Bautista serving as the catalyst! Will wonders never cease?
  • Travis Snider hasn't looked too bad in his two big league games. A few adventures in left on Friday night, I will freely chalk them up to a lack of familiarity with the ballpark. He did a good job cutting off Abreu's drive to the gap, but didn't show the strongest arm. His throw on the jumping catch near the wall was stronger, but too late. At the plate, he hasn't been trying to pull everything, taking pitches away from him to the center and left (his opposite) fields. The Mockingbird breaks down his first game here.
  • Brandon League is hilariously awesome. Striking out Alex Rodriquez, Jason Giambi and Xavier Nady en route to picking up his first win of the year last night.
  • As the Reverend noted below: Rocco is a hero, and somebody just stuck their dick inside the storybook. From the looks of it, last night's Rays/O's game was the game of the year. Real Rocco and Greek Rocco exchanging heroics, the good guy coming out on top. Sweet.
  • 2 for 1 Shrimp Night at Walkoff Walk! Too much fun.
The Jays look to sending out the righties-only brigade today, with Snider and Overbay both on the bench. Andy Pettitte's move is so good, I fear Snider might have been picked off of home.

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