Monday, August 11, 2008

Stewart packs his shit, Jays defeat Tigers

Shannon Stewart was the latest victim of the Jays' season-long chess match with .500. The Jays activated Stewart from the DL and promptly released him. Oh yes, it's been an awesome season for him. The acquisition of Stewart eventually led to the release of Reed Johnson, which proved unpopular with a certain segment of Jays fans. Stewart struggled most of the season while Reed sort of did okay, making the move seem that much worse. With the OPS Express continuing his reign over the city and a cast of other mediocre outfielders on the roster, there simply wasn't room for Shannon. Oh well.

It looks like time for Gregg Zaun to get on his way too. In addition to losing the ability to throw the baseball that well, he can't seem to put the barrel of the bat on it either. Barajas looked the part of the starter tonight, slamming his tenth dinger of the season, a lot for this team. Shaun Marcum is returning to the form he showed before being sidelined earlier this season. Fucking right.


  1. How fucked up is it that an 11th hour backup catcher signing in January is 2nd on the team in HR with 10, right behind a 41 year old part-time player with 11.

  2. SP, that would fall into the "EXTREMELY FUCKED UP" category.

    i'll take "extremely fucked up" for $300, Alex.......

  3. Put it right alongside your "power hitting" right fielder having 30 steals, but not sliding (which last I checked is a part of stealing) into home last night. I know it wasn't a steal, but yeesh when do instincts take over.


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