Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Home on Native Land

The racist nicknames are in town! The racist nicknames that were supposed to contend until all their big bats fell injured, so they blew out their roster of all expensive talent instead. The racist nicknames that haven't been playing very good baseball for the last two months. The racist nicknames that are looking up at Royals in the standings! Wow. This team isn't so great. And they still use that stupid racist nickname! A nickname so stupid it prompted our boy David Chalk to write an excellent piece last year calling for them to change it. Superstud Grady Sizemore has gone into a sympathy slump, quietly protesting the racist nickname. But who cares, they bring lovable dope Sal Fasano with them. The Indians send Cardinal Castoff Anthony Reyes against David Purcey tonight, Reyes' first start in the American League.

In the great Indian giving of 2008, the team got an excellent prospect who will partner with young players like Ben Francisco to improve their fortunes down the road. But for now, this team hasn't been good; putting together an impressive run of lose 2, win 1 stretches and coughing up huge leads to the god-forsaken Rays. Should David Purcey be able to keep the ball in the park, this is a good match up for a Blue Jays team looking to string some more wins together.

In BriefEnjoy the games, I'll be holding it down at Walkoff Walk again this weekend, swing by and see what kind of madcap hi jinks I can get myself into.


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