Monday, August 11, 2008

Universe Deems My Happiness Impossible

No fucking sooner had Rocco Baldelli made his triumphant return to the field, driving in runs and diving to and fro with a determined ardor, does Scott Rolen head to the DL with further issues in his bionic left shoulder. What is an ironically detached, wins and losses don't matter, try-hard poseur to do? What's next? Brandon League pitching to contact? Alex Rios walking?

I don't ask for much. Some impressive defense, some memorable moments. Guys that make use of as many tools as they can. I'm a bitter and cynical old man, I like very little. In fact I hate almost everything. So leave my favorites alone, will ya!

I can't help to look forward to this series against the far more disappointing Tigers. Can you imagine if the Chicken Little JP haters followed this team instead? Right handed bats only, huge salaries, pitchers that make AJ Burnett look like a model of consistency. Shannon Stewart, meet Jacques Jones. About time to meet up in the dole queue, innit?

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  1. that theftage of home by hill was incredible.

    i miss aaron. i miss him dearly.


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