Friday, August 15, 2008

Fridays are for Goodness

Lots of good in the baseball world today, none greater than this. My dear friends, this is what we call boner fodder.

Grizzled Showdown at the Pink Hat Corral

Roy Halladay and Paul Byrd will take their Civil War reenactment society to the big stage, battling at Fenway in front of a full house. The Red Sox still have blood on their hands from pummeling the Rangers in the middle of town square. The Sox scored more runs against the Rangers than the Jays scored in July. Cito has his rotation set just the way he wants it, and after yesterday's debacle inevitable game in which the ironclad bullpen finally gives up a few runs, his best bullpen arms are somewhat rested.

Much has been said about Cito's bullpen management, so perhaps now it is time to give John Gibbons some credit for juggling all those southpaws in an effective manner. It also should be noted that Gibbons did it without an effective Brandon League.

Canada Plays Baseball, Your Attention is Diverted from Beach Volleyball for a Few Minutes

The Canadian Olympic baseball team continues its quest for relevance tonight against the 0-2 "Baseball is out of the Olympics so how will we redeem ourselves" Team. Johnny Was of the Southpaw will be live-blogging the proceedings over at Lefty HQ. Fire up and drop by with your maple leafiest comments.

Waiver wire Shenanigans

The worst part about the Vernon Wells on waivers non-story was having to read it on Sportsnet. The comments are an epic trainwreck, one I cannot look away from. Everything derogatory that people say about the internet is true. It is hell on Earth. We're all going to die a fiery death. Very, very soon.

Travis Snider Cannot Be Stopped

But he certainly should be stopped. Not stopped from hitting, which appears to be impossible. Stopped from burning a service year with a September call-up. Let him finish the year in Syracuse talking to Russ Adams about how one strong September in the Show doesn't keep you from being a AAA utilityman. My stance here is highly irrational, I simply don't want to be spoiled by a 20 year old phenom.

Enjoy your weekend, I will doing my weekend duties at Walkoff Walk once again. Sign up to be a commenter and let the capitalization begin. Don't let Jamie Campbell spoil the Fenway atmosphere for you.


  1. I was under the impression that September callups didn't count against a player's service time, though I would not be surprised to find out I'm wrong

  2. You could very well be correct. I think Snider would be exempt, this being his second year with the team.

  3. Yeah, it's ok- Sept. callups don't count towards service time. It's just next year when it'll be a @$@#&$! miracle if he's particularly productive that we have to worry about since it actually seems like he might be in mind as a option.


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