Thursday, August 21, 2008

Halladay on the hill, I still hate the Yankees

As we move closer and closer to September, it would seem the Jays still have aspirations of a playoff berth. If the Doc tosses a game anything like his last start tonight, we should have a chance to gain a little bit of ground on the Sox. Fuck, Roy Halladay would throw a complete game every single time he took the mound if you'd let him. 100 pitches, 200 pitches....he doesn't give a fuck. If he doesn't pitch at least seven innings tonight, I'll more than likely eat my hat. Chances are good as Halladay is 12-5 vs. the Yanks with a solid 2.88 ERA in his career.

Seeing the Yankees in town reminds me just how much I fucking hate them. What I'd actually enjoy seeing tonight would be Alex Rodriguez tearing his Achilles tendon, Sidney Ponson taking a line drive to the grill via the bat of Johnny Mac, Johnny Damon dropping a dozen more easy fly balls and see Jason Giambi's mustache spontaneously combusting, also causing his uniform to catch fire.

Roy Halladay is 44-19 in his career following a Jays loss, so I'm pretty sure the tipster would advise that the smart money is on the Jays. Either that or he'd suggest something retarded, like how since the Mets beat the Braves last night, they'll probably win again just because, so it's a smart bet too.

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  1. i want to kick the tipster in the groin. mother fucker.

    and, seriously, doc is sublime.


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