Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Saturday Shit Show

Forty Four thousand plus watched the Jays demoralize the Wild Car-leading Red Sox on a humid Saturday afternoon at Rogers Centre. Vernon Wells is a fucking demon, looking for the first five hit game of his career while making Jason Bay hate coming to the plate. Wells tracked down everything Bay tried to put into play, while sending two out of play himself. Fuck you Murph. The Jays have 16 hits and 11 runs through seven and are looking to continue the madness into the eighth. There must be something in the water in Syracuse as Jesse Litsch has thrown 13 straight scoreless innings since his recall. Let's hope this outburst continues into tomorrow's affair.

In other news which may seem odd to some, Shaun Marcum was optioned to AAA Syracuse before today's game. The team hopes he can sort out the control issues he's been experiencing since coming off the DL. They feel he has time to sort it all out and still be a key part of any potential playoff push. John Parrish was recalled and will make Marcum's next scheduled start. I found this somewhat surprising, though anyone can see that he hasn't been as effective since coming off the DL...though he hasn't been awful.

In Beijing - South Korea blazes to the gold going UNDEFEATED for the entire Olympics. That's fucked up.

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  1. 14 members of Team Good Korea got exempted from 2 years of obligatory military service as their reward for winning the gold (presumably the rest were older and had already done their tour). That's a real motivator, especially when your service time is spent on a heavy mined DMZ facing a nuclear-armed rogue state that's already invaded once.

    Now, imagine if we'd said losing = combat duty at lovely Holiday Inn Afghanistan to Stubby Clapp, Scott Thorman, et al? Tim Johnson would've approved thoroughly...



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