Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't You Fuck This Up Cito Gaston

Too much, too soon Cito. We were humming along nicely, Adam Lind was slowly climbing the order, getting his at bats without a sudden influx of pressure. But no, Cito, you had to slot him in as your clean-up hitter today. Why Cito? Why?

I know that Lyle Overbay's been struggling but still getting on base, and you've been reduced to hitting Brad Wilkerson 7th for christ's sake! Times are tough for this offense once again. But you've set Adam Lind up to fail. Adam Lind mashes hard stuff, but against Byrd he won't see fastball one!

Adam Lind can flat out hit. You know this and I know this. It is to the point now with Lind that I expect him to do better. In the fourth inning last night, Lind lashed a pitch down and in to centerfield for a single. My immediate thought: he should have hit that out of the ballpark. That is how quickly expectations rise Cito.

Meanwhile on the Farm
Rehabbing Vernon Wells and prehabbing Travis Snider both went 0-4 last night, Snider with 3 Ks. Ricky Romero struck out 10 in 7.2 innings, only allowing 5 hits. The Southpaw has a nice "fuck you" post to the haters that called Romero a flop at the age of 23. I will not hesitate to admit that I am guilty of Tulowitki-longing, but added a nice safety corollary of "I know pitchers take longer to develop." Which is true, unless they are David Price.


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