Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rays Hope Deal with the Devil Holds up One More Night

As I've admitted in so many words, the Rays are for real. They've turned their bullpen completely around, making it one of the best in baseball. They only have one real offensive weak spot (shortstop) but who doesn't? Their manager seems to have his shit together, and they always win at home. All that I get. But what I will not accept, what does not make sense, is their dominance over Roy Halladay. An ERA over 5? More walks allowed than any other team? Madness. The free-swinging Rays should be no match for the big-swinging dick of Halladay. They should be waving at his pitches, meekly grounding out time and time again. But no. They've beat him up, time and again. The Doc's been so good this year, even his most traditional foes have learned what always happens in the end when you face Halladay.

It appears defensive instrument of God Scott Rolen may return to fight the good fight at the Juicehole. Rolen and Rocco on the same field, with Roy starting? Pack all my things, I'm off to heaven.

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