Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Ghostrunner Power Rankings Week #1

You can't have a blog without power rankings can you?

I know I asked, but I don't give a shit. Here at Ghostrunner we're going to provide you with our weekly rankings which are unarguably the finest on the entire interweb.

This is how it is as of right now, but check back weekly for updated rankings.

1. Boston Red Sox (1-1) - I'm not going to start the World Series Champions anywhere but at the top until they give me reason not to do so, and they haven't yet.

2. New York Mets (0-0) - I suppose you could rank the Tigers ahead of them pretty easily, but we believe them to be the class of the senior circuit....for now. Another collapse like last year and you could see this team re-locate to anywhere.

3. Detroit Tigers (0-0) - Huge improvements made in the off-season have us thinking their clearly the front runner in the Central. Sure it's been said they may have bullpen challenges...wft, have you seen their lineup.

4. Los Angeles Angels (0-0) - It is true that they go into the season with a couple of starters on the shelf (Escobar & Lackey) however they are still our pick in the West. Add Tori Hunter and John Garland = they got better.

5. Cleveland Indians (0-0) - Still a great team that could run down the Tigers in the Central though we doubt it. A Wild Card birth isn't out of the question in the Central this year though.

6. Toronto Blue Jays (0-0) - Yes, we are bias. And yes they're are still in the East, that isn't going to change. But if it's going to happen, it's going to be now. We think the Jays and Indians will be the teams gunning for the WC come September. Halladay, Burnett, McGowan, Marcum, and Litsch could be the best rotation in the AL, time will tell.

7. New York Yankees (0-0) - Fuck the Yankees.

8. Seattle Mariners (0-0) - We don't think they have the horses to finish ahead of the Angels, though they could give them a scare, and Erik Bedard will no doubt see that they do.

9. Chicago Cubs (0-0) - The Cubs should win the Central. 85 games and they're gold.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers (0-0) - Although they could go either way, we think they're going to take the West down. The addition of Andruw Jones could prove to be a good one, then again, it could go the other way.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (0-0) - A young squad that can play. They backdoor into the Division, though we think the WC is more likely.

12. Philadelphia Phillies (0-0) - We think it's going to take another ridiculous collapse from the Mets to see the Phils come away with the East again. That being said, the WC isn't out of the question.

13. Colorado Rockies (0-0) - Who knows if the unheard of run at the end of last season to get them into the post-season will continue. We think not, even though they are still a strong team in this difficult division.

14. Cincinnati Reds (0-0) - Playing in the pathetic NL Central means if the stars align, the post season isn't out of the question. We'll see on this one.

15. Atlanta Braves (0-0) - We don't see another streak of 14 consecutive divisions starting for them this season.

16. Chicago White Sox (0-0) - As we said, no one gives a shit about the Sox. They aren't great, and aren't horrible either. Who knows with these guys.

17. Milwaukee Brewers (0-0) - It'll take another start like last season for them to have a hope at the post-season. Prince Fielder is good, but can't do it alone.

18. San Diego Padres (0-0) - Could be a darkhorse...we think probably not, but with pitching like they've got, anything is possible.

19. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (0-0) - It could be a decent season down in Tampa. Some idiots have even picked them to finish ahead of the Jays or in 3rd. I call that horseshit, but what do I know.

20. Minnesota Twins (0-0) - No Santana...lack of depth....little chance.

21. Oakland Athletics (1-1) - Pray for a season of health from Rich Harden. He has the stuff to dominate if he does. They did look better than the Sox in the opening games in Japan. However there are 160 more to go.

22. Houston Astros (0-0) - They do have Roy Oswalt. And they may get some production out of Berkman, Lee and Tejada....but that's about it.

23. St.Louis Cardinals (0-0) - They won the World Series two years ago. Now they suck.

24. Kansas City Royals (0-0) - Somehow I think they'll be 0-3 after the season opening series.

25. Flordia Marlins (0-0) - I can't believe this team has won two World Series.

26. Texas Rangers (0-0) - Thanks God for Michael Young....sob...

27. Washington Nationals (0-0) - Who cares, so long as Pete gets a shot.

28. San Fransisco Giants (0-0) - Nice ballpark.

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (0-0) - Does anyone remember when they were's been awhile, and fans will continue to wait.....and wait......

30. Baltimore Orioles (0-0) - AAA teams would beat these clowns.

I'm quite sure MANY will disagree with these rankings, some may actually agree, who knows.
One thing is for sure. It's opening day, and I am smiling.

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