Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day! 100th Post! Boners Abound!

OLWSome serious happenstance today, as our 100th post coincides with (or just before) Opening Day. We've gone on the record with our picks and predictions, but finally the time has come to play ball. And I couldn't be happier.

We've had way too much fun through our first 100 posts. And knowing our collective apathy and general distaste of doing something when nothing is always a willing mistress, 100 posts in 3 months is downright astonishing.

More astonishing is the painful, Doctor Zhivago-style forced march through the offseason is finally over. Wading through the endless morass of the spring training had me thinking and acting more and more like a surly Russian every day. Biting negativity and a constant scowl.

But no more. Green Grass! Apple Pie! Every team is tied for first! Fly Overs! Snowed out games! Cliche! Loud noises!

Opening Day can be a bit of false dawn. The pomp, circumstance and amateurish performances in the bleeders can be trying at times, but jesus christ it's Opening Day! No more fake games! Just marginally meaningful mid-week games against the A's! Loses that are summarily dismissed as "you can't win a pennant in April!" Interleague is still two months away! Who fucking cares, baseball is on and hockey is almost done (good thing the Expos left Montreal, as not a soul would be in attendance due to the Habs DATE WITH DESTINY.)

But if they're playing baseball, that means I'll be watching baseball. Then I'll be playing baseball. All of which result in the same glorious thing: drinking beer and eating mediocre tex-mex. Oh, and baseball.

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