Thursday, March 6, 2008

The other side of 161st

Yes, I hate the New York Yankees more than most things in this world. Sure, it's true that I wouldn't mind if an outbreak of the plague crippled the team; dashing any hopes of a playoff birth in 2008. All of that being said, I do find it a shame that Yankee stadium is set to begin its final season as home to the New York Yankees. The (more or less) same ballpark the team has been playing in since it was built back in 1923. I understand why the Yankees want to move into a new stadium, it's just too bad baseball will be losing one of it's few remaining truly lengendary parks. I guess I'm somewhat of a traditionalist in this regard, but I know I'm not alone in that feeling either.

I love watching, but more importantly attending baseball games. The stadium in which you watch a live baseball game can add so much to the experience. Although I haven't been lucky enough to see a game live at Yankee stadium, I know many who have who've had nothing but amazing things to say about it. I've also seen enough games on TV to understand why it's such a special place to watch a game. I'm trying to figure out a way to get to a game this season, so that I could be lucky enough to say I saw the Yankees get their asses handed to them.

Plans to auction off some of the contents of the stadium have already been put in place by the team as well as the city (the city purchased the stadium from the team in 1972). No details have been finalized on when the wrecking ball will spell the end for the famed stadium, which stands next to the Harlem river in the Bronx. And don't expect to be able to haul off any really great memorabilia, as I'm quite sure the Hall of Fame will have first crack at the really great stuff. Though not finalized it is expected that the stadium will be re-built into a complex of three fields. One for softball, one for Little league and one that will host high school and college games. At least the city is replacing it with more baseball fields rather than condos or some commercial monstrosity. Good on them.

The Yankees begin their final season in the "House that Ruth built" on March 31st against the Jays and are also hosting the 2008 All-star game. At least the famous park is going out on a high note. Let's hope the team utterly tanks though.


  1. Yankee stadium is a lie. I've heard nothing but awful things about the stench and the general condition of the place. Another media creation...

  2. which all adds character.
    Something we are sorely lacking in Toronto.


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