Sunday, March 2, 2008


Rocco doesn't rehab, he lies in wait. Like a predatory animal, or a fat guy at a cheap Floridian buffet.

As a certain prodigious blogger/fantasy juggernaut mockingly pointed out in the comment section earlier this week, Rocco played showed the Jays mercy by allowing them to hold him to an 0 for 2. Mr. Hale used the world "glum" to describe Rocco's quotes from the article, but I prefer focused.

While the article goes to the painful extent of interviewing a man I once referred to as "gossamer-tendoned" to provide a insight into one's view of the world from the disabled list, Rocco's injuries tend to be of the freak and/or nagging order. This spring finds both sides saying All the Right Things regarding his slow process, but the team is giving it the full blown kitten gloves treatment. Rocco the DH is incredibly depressing, and if his fate is to waste at least two of his five tools I may just have to find a new "fantasy sleeper."

Back on the planet where properly adjusted humans live, the Jays - Reds spring training game today was the center ring act of a CityTV circus. Spring training sucks enough as is. It requires a certain level of dedication to turn something simply boring and mundane into a trainwreck of epic proportions. It would also seem that Drunk Jays Fans isn't just a clever name.

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