Friday, March 7, 2008

The Difference Between Us

Chalk up another defeat for grit and hustle. AJ Burnett pitched three effective innings (two infield singles among the four hits) today without throwing a curveball. This is why AJ Burnett is filthy, stinking rich and Jesse Litch will forever be a cute story. If you can leave one of the dirtiest pitches in the league in your locker and still go out and blow people away, you will forever have people climbing all over each other to pay you lavishly.

Over in Winter Haven, John Smoltz pitched a three inning simulated game. One of the batters he faced was a certain Eldrick Woods, who mustered a humpbacked liner up the middle that was classed a base hit, but struck out twice in four total at bats. Smoltz looked good against the professional golfers in the lineup but gave up two massive homeruns to the inevitable march of time. Tiger's single came off a reported 75 mile-an-hour fastball right down Broad street, clearly a favour exchanged for watching Tiger's wife feed their newborn child.

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  1. you were right about the 11th hour cancellation, I should have guessed.

    Tiger Woods isn't human.


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