Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Sobering Look from Those on the Inside

Jeff Blair's surliness has clearly worn off on Robert MacLeod, as he picks the Jays to finish fourth in the American League East. MacLeod comes sexy pick in hand, with the Rays second ahead of the Yankees and Blue Jays. Fourth? Really? I'm all for knocking the Yankees down a peg, the aged house of cards that they are, but suggesting that dark horse will leap over TWO more experienced teams seems rich. He also picks Jacoby Ellsbury as his Rookie of the Year, which really makes me wonder. If ever there was a player poised for a complete let-down...

Reading over MacLeod's selections, there is a lot of hype/sex appeal behind the bulk of them. Though Brad Penny/C.C Sabathia Cy Young combo must be some sort of quarter-tonne discount. He should use my system: bias, conjecture and contrarian nonsense.

Blair goes on to parrot my prediction, a repeat of the 1986 World Series. This year's edition will feature Mookie Wilson selling concessions instead of hitting dribblers. He has the Red Sox coming out on top, which makes sense but I'd rather die than admit to that inevitability in a public forum. I will echo his sentiments and earmark Carlos Marmol as a breakout candidate.

The article mentions at length that JP may be out of time, and if the Jays don't catch the Yankees now, the influx of cash their new ballpark will provide may put the Jays in the rearview mirror for ever. Also mentioned is the emotional attachment between JP and Gibby, though JP is likely more emotionally invested in remaining employed.

Note: This may well be my last post, as my girlfriend just bought me an Xbox 360. See you in obese, antisocial hell.

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  1. WTF is Wilson's problem. Your crib = a house of video games now.


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