Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Perfect Game?

Not really, but I suppose for 6 innings of today's rain shortened affair, the Yankees staff were indeed perfect after facing 15 Jay hitters in total, retiring them all.

With one out and Vernon Wells at the plate in the Jays half of the second inning, the rains came and put the game on hold for over an hour. When the teams returned to resume play, none of the starters were left in the lineup other than DH Frank Thomas. Mike Wilner mentioned that this was the third time in their history they've been on the wrong end of a perfect game, two of them having occurring in Spring Training. Though there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice, this doesn't really count in my opinion.

Roy Halladay is scheduled to pitch three innings tomorrow when the Jays and their scorching bats take on the Phillies beginning at 1:05pm. I wonder if any team has ever gone two games in a row without ever getting a base runner? Somehow I doubt it, but I'm not going to waste my time googling that shit right now either.

On a completely separate note, it would appear Roger Clemens will know by week's end if he is to face federal charges of perjury for his statements regarding his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs in front of Congress. I find it completely baffling that the United States Congress is devoting time and resources to determine whether or not some overpaid idiot athletes used drugs. Call me crazy, but I'm quite sure there are more pressing issues facing the States right now. In the end doesn't the responsibility lie with MLB to ensure the legitimacy of their sport?

Fuck, whatever...........

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