Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yankees VEE Jays

Gustavo Chacin didn't do much today to show he should be the teams fifth starter. Yeah, it's spring training and I suppose these things happen, but he looked a little bit like an ass. He threw only two innings, allowing five hits and four earned runs while walking two and striking out one. It would have been 5 runs, however Vernon Wells gunned down Jose Molina at home to prevent Chacin's ERA from ballooning further.

Chien-Ming Wang on the other hand has thrown 3 scoreless innings, allowing only two hits in the process. Super Fag Alex Rodriguez victimized Chacin for a two run shot in the first which should be landing any time now. I felt like punching him through my TV screen but cooler heads prevailed.

The Jays fielded much of what could be their starting lineup this season. Matt Stairs is playing right field in place of Alex Rios and Shannon Stewart is out in left, though he very well may be the man come Opening Day. Vernon Wells just ripped an end-of-the-bat dribbler right back to Wang for the first out of the fourth, good shit. In his first at bat of the day, Frank Thomas hit a broken bat grounder to Rodriguez at third base, and in what seemed like an eternity, was eventually thrown out as part of a 5-4-3 double play. I'm quite sure even though it looked like he was running, Thomas was actually walking, or at least I sure hope he was. Oh well, I'm pretty happy to be watching this afternoon affair between the Jays and Yanks. There's still plenty of game left for the Jays to come back and beat the idiot Yankees.

Evidently Alex Rodriguez was quoted as saying he believes Derek Jeter will have an
MVP type season. He only wins MVP awards in the odd number years, so it's likely that this will be Jeter's year.

I have an idea. Alex Rodriguez should probably fuck off.

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