Friday, March 14, 2008

Who are they kidding

I sure as fuck can't figure it out. Joe Torre seems to think that "baseball appeals to a broad demographic group and travels well." Me, still not giving a fuck. Los Angeles Dodger chairman, Frank McCourt feels that "this great country is ready to embrace baseball." He probably knows that because he personally surveyed the more than a billion people currently residing in this "great county." Fucking clown, I'm pretty sure most of China could give two shits about your baseball team.

McCourt also hopes the Dodgers are the first into India and other parts of the world. Yeah, I'm quite positive everyone in India is chomping at the bit for the MLB action. I'm all for the growth of baseball and getting as many people to watch and to play the game, but don't fucking sit there and say it isn't for the money. You sure as piss aren't fooling anyone. McCourt was also quoted as saying he was "really impressed by the speed with which things get done in China." This was following completion of the stadium which was built in four and a half hours by a crew of 375,000 workers. I liked Torre's brilliant quote "with the number of people living in China, you know there's got to be a number of potential Major Leaguers".

Current Chinese Population - 1,324,473,496


  1. Congratulations are in order for China. It was voted worst country in the world for the 200th year running.


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