Sunday, April 6, 2008

Following Up

So I'm a bit late with this, and started a post the night of the home opener. Reading it the following morning however, I realized that it was lacking in any sort of continuity and was all the fuck over the place. It may or may not have had something to do with the value priced beer at the Rogers Center, who knows?

Everything has basically been said about the game so I'm not really going to add a whole lot more because if it indeed has been said, no doubt it was said better. Although I was briefly entertained by the clowns who ran onto the field with two out in the bottom of the ninth, I must concur with the team over at DJF with regard to the lack of thought on their part prior to doing so. I'm also confused as to why the crowd decided to boo when the security fellas decided to cover up the broad's top half. Clearly, they were either not looking at the chick, or drunker than I was. Finally, not sure who the brilliant fan was that decided that it was time to start littering the field with garbage after Bonnie and Clyde were escorted off the field, but they should probably be beaten. I know there was a lot of Irish Scum there and no doubt they were tossing water bottles onto the field as their Sox were losing but they were not alone. If you're at a game and suddenly have the impulse to throw an object/garbage onto the field, stop and think of what a douchebag you are before doing it. Clearly you shouldn't even be at the game, and should be punched in the throat. You are not a fan, rather an idiot.

Halladay VEEE Beckett today = Good effin Game.

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