Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ceteris Paribus

The Reverend is officially ass busy with the onset of spring and foolish retired people at his club. I however will try and get posts in, though they could be sparse over the next couple of weeks.

Shaun Marcum getting off to this start doesn't surprise me one bit. If you watched enough of him last year, it was clear he had command, the ability to locate along with decent stuff. Last time I checked, that shit wins you games.

As for Eckstein, Wilner does indeed have it right. However he's not pointing out anything that I would hope most Jays fans realize. Take one look down their lineup. It's fairly evident Eckstein isn't one of the better hitters. I would hope there isn't anyone out there thinking otherwise to begin with. There are two things that are indeed true. John McDonald can't fucking hit either and David Eckstein is in fact a better hitter than he is, the numbers don't lie. In no way am I taking anything away from McDonald, who has shown he can play a ridiculous shortstop. I wouldn't have Eckstein batting leadoff either.

If the Jays play as they have been, good things will come.

Alex Rodriguez hit a dinger tonight that had some importance as if I, or anyone really, gives a fuck. The Yanks were up 7-3 going into the top of the 5th and, oops,
gave up 6 runs. Clowns.

UPDATE - Evidently neither of these idiot teams feel like trying tonight as it's
11-9 Yankees after five. Way to play guys.

Fuck everyone, I'm golfing tomorrow.

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