Thursday, April 10, 2008

Slow Burn

Faulty Changeup Understandably Krushed
Two consecutive loses of the excruciating order, and the Jays are looking to avoid a sweep against the A's. Shawn Marcum will leave the pajamas in his locker and look for his second win of the season. Once again, the A's will pick an urban outdoor enthusiast out of Parkdale and force him to pitch for some roast beef and a can of Shlitz.

Weren't these the games Halladay demanded the Jays win this year? The Ghostrunner curse rears it's ugly heads once again. As I tagged in my season preview, these shitty west division teams hand the Jays their asses every year. It's pretty much the worst. Even after the A's were attempting to pick up my girlfriend's sister at Century Room Tuesday night, they still outlasted the Jays last night. The Mockingbird shows something is up with Accardo, and it isn't just his delayed fashion sense.

Note: The Mockingbird is required reading at this point. It always has been, though they fall quite short in the dick joke/gay innuendo department. I believe that is much more an indictment of me than them.

Elsewhere Around the League

The Devil Rays continue their hot sta-WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE! Does this say that Eric Hinske hit ANOTHER home run? And was hitting FIFTH in the vaunted Rays lineup? Is he now black, as well? Does he live underwater? Does he say badbye?

If anybody needs me, I'm going to put my shoes on my hands before I'm eaten by a hamburger.

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