Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phone Number, Maybe even e-mail?

Either would be great, I need to get a hold of Geddy Lee. I saw him at the first couple of games but noticed he hasn't been at one since. No doubt going downtown to see the horseshit A's is a waste of his time. Least he could do is offer them to Alex Lifeson or some shit. I actually believe he should give them to me, and believe he would should I be able to contact the man. It has been confirmed to me that the two seats in question are his season tickets, so the search is on. Yes, I'm only one man and there are two seats...I'm positive Neil Peart would join me.

Effin eh YYZ.

Update - Someone saw Lee scalping his tickets prior to the game tonight asking $27 a seat. I guess Snakes & Arrows didn't sell the units they thought it would.

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